Cheetah Can’t Lose

You know that friend that is brimming with confidence? The one with no problem saying, “I’m awesome at a thing.” out loud in front of people?

That’s Cheetah.

Sure, Cheetah is the fastest animal in the whole wide world, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be cool about it.

Turns out the little cats have a talent too. The little cats are very, very clever. They use performance enhancing tricks to even the odds in the most important race of all.

The big race!

Thanks to his enormous ego, Cheetah falls for the cats tricks over and over again. They put cardboard boxes on his feet, stuff him with ice cream and pie, burden him with balloons and block his vision with a crown. When the cats finally “win” the big race the victory is not so sweet. Turns out big jerky Cheetah is still a pretty good friend.




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  1. Carol &ed sion

    It’s great

  2. Jen Jost

    My four-year-old son loves this book so much that he now has it memorized and “reads” it to anyone who will listen, including his preschool class!

  3. My kids *LOVE* Cheetah and they argue almost daily about who gets to BE Cheetah. I imagine it is fun being Cheetah, but I wouldn’t know since they always tell me I am the blue kitten. We have made special winner shoes and crowns and held countless races. Their only regret is that they haven’t been able to stuff themselves with pie and ice cream. Thank you so much for such a fun book. It was not only a delight to read, but has also inspired many wonderful hours of play.

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