You guys sent in a ton of money for books and I will be drawing many, many unicorns. I’m glad. Please continue to donate if you wish, but we are all out of unicorns.

It's true! Contact Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston and give them $20. They will select books for families and libraries affected by hurricaine Harvey. My friend Lars lives down there and he said he'd help too. Lars is nice and knows all kinds of knots.

Here's how:

Did you do it? Thank you, you're nice. You are making an unimaginable situation for a kid a little more tolerable and helping out a fantastic small business. Good job. Now send me an email using the link below. (PLEASE DONATE BUT THERE ARE NO MORE UNICORNS AVAILABLE.) I will send you a piece of original art. In this case the unicorn from my runaway smash hit book Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great. It's watercolor and ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper.

Okay! Click here and tell me where to send your Unicorn! (PLEASE DONATE BUT THERE ARE NO MORE UNICORNS AVAILABLE.) Let me know who to sign it to as well.

Wait! There's more!

Besides the sweet print, here's what else you'll receive:

  • If someone mentions a smart article or TED talk I'll say, "Oh yeah, (your name here) was telling me about that. They were more clear though."

  • I'll laugh to myself and when the person I'm with says, "What's so funny?" I'll say, "Oh nothing, I was just thinking about something (your name here) said. I'd explain it but it's one of those jokes only smart people get."

  • Your kindness will cross my mind as I drift off to sleep and when it does I'll let out a big wistful sigh or yummy noise.

  • If your name comes up in casual conversation I'll be sure to say, "Yeah, and easy on the eyes too, right?" If the other person agrees, I'll totally email you and say, "Guess who totally has a huge crush on you!"

  • I'll think nice things about you at least three but no more than seven times a day.

  • Next hug I give to an acquaintance, I'll close my eyes and pretend it's you. Then hold it just a like a second too long. The hug receipient won't know, but you and I will know.

Pretty nice, right? DONATE NOW! Hey, if you don't have the cash, retweet or share. That would help too. Thanks.


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Thanks, you guys are the best. For real.