Dinosaur vs. Santa







Oh no! Dinosaur is taking on Santa! Not really, I mean they don’t fight or anything. Dinosaur is a dinosaur and Santa is an old man. Hardly seems fair.

Dinosaur is getting ready for Christmas in a variety of “tasteful” holiday sweaters. He’s decorating the tree, trying not to eat Santa’s cookies, making crafts, the whole nine. Then Christmas eve rolls around. Can Dinosaur resist the urge to sneak downstairs? If he peeks at Santa will he forfeit all his presents? Will Santa put him on the naughty list for this 11th hour indiscretion? Is Santa a Santa of vengeance or a Santa of love?

What do you think happens? Seriously.

I was on tour in St. Louis with this book when I met the for-real Santa. He came in the room and I got all excited. Sometimes, I hate to say this, they get fake “helper” Santa’s to fill in during Santa’s busy season. Not the St. Louis Public Library, they totally got for real Santa. It was great.

Hold on I have a picture. Here we are signing books. Me and Santa.


Plus there was an adorable little boy there named Casper. Casper was smitten with me from the get go. He kept following me around and came up and hugged my leg while I was reading to everyone. Then, when I was doing Q&A with Santa (me asking him questions) Casper came over and climbed in my lap with Dinosaur vs. Bedtime. He cracked it open and waved it at me to read.

Oh, then Casper made up this really great game. There was a cooler filled with ice and juice boxes. Casper would walk over, raise the lid and stick his hands in the cold water. Then he would come over to me to dry them off. Back and forth, back and forth. He did this like a million times. It was hilarious. He knew I was an easy mark.

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