Me Want Pet

I do a lot of pet books. Oh, unicorns too.

This story was written by the lovely and talented Tammi Sauer. I’ve never met Tammi but all I hear is nice things. Her books are adorable.

This book is about a little caveboy looking for the perfect pet.

The saber-toothed tiger, dodo bird and mammoth all get the boot from the cave for different reasons.

I get, “We love your book Me Want Pet!” all the time. I mumble, “Yeah, I didn’t write that one I just drew the pictures.”

I don’t have the pictures though. My hard drive tanked and took MWP with it. Maybe one day hard drive paleontologists will uncover this lost book. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn valuable lessons from my refusal to have an adequate back up system.

Also see Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet.

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