I’m a Shark





This is a silly book.

Shark is awesome. You know how you know? He tells you.

He’s also afraid of spiders. So as long as no spider is involved, he’ll take on anything.

“What about a big mean bear?” asks Crab.

“Is the bear holding a creepy spider?” asks Shark.


“Is the bear near a creepy spider?”


“Is the bear thinking about a creepy spider?”


“Reading a book about a creepy spider?”


“A big mean spiderless bear? Bring him on!”

See? it’s silly.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of making a book, you forget what the book is about. One day, deep in production, I stopped to reread it. I sent a note to my editor, “You know this is absurd, right?”

She knew. That’s why she liked it. That’s why I like her.


My son Ryan drew the shark I based the final shark on. I was at the kitchen table drawing the dullest, most banal sharks you have ever seen. I mean if these sharks attacked you would die from the rows and rows of razor sharp teeth, but from boredom.

My point is they were boring.

Ryan walks over, picks up a pen and dashes off this super cool looking shark. Slaps the pen down and goes back to watching tv.

Little jerk.

Well I stole it from him. I don’t care, I’m paying for his college.

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