Race You To Bed

RYTB_Inside_MECH.indd RYTB_Inside_MECH.indd RYTB_Inside_MECH.indd RYTB_Inside_MECH.inddWhen my son was little (and now) he never wanted to go to bed. He would stall and stall refusing to leave the playroom. So I finally said, “fine, you stay here, I’ll be the first one upstairs!” Then I took off running. Not only was it fun, but he didn’t want to lose. It was the weirdest thing though. Every night I would take a nap in a chair along the way, get a leg cramp half way up the stairs or for some reason switch to slow motion in the final two steps. My giggling son would tear by me and declare himself the winner. Once upstairs he would brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Win/Win.

In Race you to Bed, you don’t race an exhausted, desperate father trying to get his toddler to bed, but a Bunny who rips though the book crossing rivers, avoiding bees, alligators and distractions while waving to weird Uncle Ted.

When the bunny loses the race to bead he doubles down. A dramatic race to sleep!

Here’s a video for the book. It appeared on Nick Jr. and was animated by my pal Chris Papa.

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