Dinosaur vs. the Library

Dinosaur is on his way to the library. He shares his playful roaring with a cow, a lonesome turtle, some baby chicks and a sad owl. He’s rambunctious.

You know where you shouldn’t share rambunctious roars?

The library!

Can Dinosaur sit still through an entire storytime with out roaring or fidgeting? Okay, lets start with not roaring.

At first I was going to make this a “dinosaur gets shushed by the librarian” book. Then I visited Julie Roach at the super-cool modern Cambridge Library. Julie is not a “shusher”. Make all the noise you want in her library, books are fun. Just don’t be a creepy adult lingering without a kid in there, because they will boot you right out! Right on, Julie.






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  1. Amanda Brasfield

    I’ve shared this book with our students this week in preparation for your visit next Friday in Winston-Salem. They are so excited to hear about, Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great! The kindergartners are getting pretty good at using their inside roars!

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