Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

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I love this book.

Why? Because I’m so great?


Because kids love it. They love to ROAR and they love the predictable pattern Dinosaur being a dinosaur is the icing on the prehistoric cake.

Dinosaur takes on different challenges during the day like a big slide, spaghetti and the dreaded talking grown-ups. He wins each with a “ROAR!” and a booming, “DINOSAUR WINS!”

Until his biggest challenge, “BEDTIME!”

Spoiler alert, no one wins against bedtime.

This is my favorite book to read to little kids.

And the loudest.

Oh, I also get the most fan art for this one. Plus lots of photos of chewed up board books and this fantastic picture of a Dinosaur cake.

Disney made a bunch of Dinosaur videos. You can find them here.

Oh, here I am reading a bit of the book on Noggin.

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