Buddy and the Bunnies in: Don’t Play With Your Food!

Buddy is a monster! He is hungry for bunnies.

But the Bunnies have cupcakes in the oven.

The next day it is too hot to be eaten.

Then the club votes against eating Bunnies in favor of a trip to the carnival.

Before long, Buddy starts to think these Bunnies aren’t food at all. He suspects some kind of trick.

Little Bunnies wouldn’t trick Buddy!

It’s funny, you’ll see.

This is an best book of the month.

If you buy it here, you can get a signed one!

RJ Julia Booksellers

Here’s a nice review over at Bookpage.

Here’s some early sketches over at Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast, a must-read blog for any kids book fan.


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