Big Plans

Big Plans is my favorite of all my books. I probably shouldn’t pick a favorite, but this is it. Sorry other books and future books.

This was written right after New Socks. I sent an early version to Lane Smith and he said, “Hey, I like this, I’d love to illustrate it if you don’t mind.”

“Don’t mind” HA!

Big Plans. illustrated by Lane Smith.

Layout 1

Big Plans is a lot of fun to read if you have the delivery of a 1940′s newspaper reporter. Think what’s-her-name in the Hudsucker proxy.

Jennifer Jason Leigh! I just looked it up.

I’m going to record myself so you get the idea.

Anyway, having my second-ever book illustrated by Lane Smith was pretty great.

Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1

The editor was the powerful and influential Alessandra Balzer. Alessandra is really important. She edits books from famous people you have totally heard of and me. Big Plans would not have happened if it weren’t for her excellent sense of humor and poor decision making. Okay, only half of that is true.

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  1. Bob, I love your sense of humor, it’s just what I look for in a picture book! I can only hope to be as cool as you one day… :)

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