New Socks


This was my first book ever. Thanks to my pal Lane Smith.

Oh, at the end of this post is the New Socks video.


Okay, New Socks. New Socks is about a little yellow chick who is over the moon for his new orange socks. It’s silly fun. The socks in question are ridiculously huge. No really, you couldn’t get socks like this if you tried. It’s impossible.

So the bird loves his socks right? He tries out all kinds of things wearing his great new socks. Like being brave on the big kids slide and thinking really hard. The socks perform perfectly in both cases. They even merit a call from the president. I know, they’re pretty fantastic.


The idea for New Socks sprung from my interest in publicly embarrassing my wife. When I would try on a new sweater or whatever I would say, “Sure, it looks good now, but how is it going to look if I’m pensive?” Then I would make a great pensive face. Or “Wait a second, what if I am wearing this terrific sweater and I fly into one of my signature rages! What if I am caught mid-rampage in a rage-inappropriate sweater. Can you imagine?” Then I’d shake my fists in a menacing way and make incoherent yelling noises. Colleen’s defeated sighs told me both the sweater and my super-realistic acting were working.


This was a great experience for a first book. My editor was Nancy Conescu who was an assistant editor at Little Brown at the time. She’s funny and smart. She made the book way better. She’s a big shot boss editor at another publisher now. I like to think her work on New Socks had a lot (everything) to do with that. I like to think a lot of not-true things.

Recently during one of our all-afternoon phone calls where we look at celebrity gossip sites together, I said, “Hey Nancy, you’re a pretty big deal over there, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” she said.

Then she sent me a super funny youtube video she found.

Wait? Weren’t we talking about New Socks? Oh yeah, you can’t get it anymore, it’s out of print.

Lavar Burton read it for his Reading Rainbow app. He did a fantastic job. I wish I knew it was that good when I wrote it.

Oh, here’s that video I promised you earlier. It runs on Nick Jr. from time to time. It was animated by my super-funny talented friend Jared Chapman.

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