Here's a photo of a bear I fought this one time. I totally won. Yeah, I know, I'm pretty brave.

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You know that PBS Kids spot where the pig runs around and eats things that begin with the letter ā€œpā€? Bob made that! He made a bunch of other animations and graphics for PBS Kids and helped them develop a national literacy campaign. He met Al Roker.Yes, THAT Al Roker.

His stories, artwork and characters have also appeared on Nick Jr. and Noggin. In fact, he just finished writing a story for Nick Jr magazine!

Bob enjoys speaking in the third person.

Bob has written New Socks, Big Plans, illustrated by Lane Smith, and Dinosaur vs. Bedtime.

So this one time, Bob "found" a gigantic apple pie that no one was watching. He brought it home and his wife was like, "You can't eat that pie, it's gigantic!"

So Bob's like, "Oh yeah, do you dare me?"

His wife is all like, "No, I don't dare you, you will be so sick!"

Well, long story short, she was half right. Mostly about the sick part. But she will never doubt Bob's pie-eating prowess again. So I guess bob wins.

Bob lives in Connecticut with his pie-doubter wife Colleen and their son, Ryan. He and Colleen own Perfectly Nice, a graphic design studio. They both agree that Ryan is the boss.

And one of them has a hard time admitting they were wrong, I'm not saying who, but it's Colleen.