If you like hilarious things then you should read this book.

Graham Wendorff, 7, for The Chicago Tribune


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Getting a time out is a minor setback for our ambitious hero. Why? He's got BIG PLANS! BIG PLANS I SAY! And soon, very soon, the entire world will know.

With the help of a mynah bird and lucky stinky hat, he'll find a quarter...boss around some muckety-mucks...become the mayor -- or even the president! And while he's at it...fly to the moon!

Regular plans call for a regular book, but it takes a big book to hold these big plans! And it needs big illustrations by a big illustrator, Lane Smith.

Check out this book and let a kid dream big dreams and plan big plans. The world is their oyster! Even if the oyster only lives in their head. For now.


This book is funnier than any book I've ever read. First, I like how the main character, the boy, has a big imagination. Next, I like the words he uses: "Muckety-Mucks," "Bigwigs" and "Bigshots." Last, I like to read it out loud because I can be silly. If you like hilarious things then you should read this book.
Graham Wendorff, 7, for The Chicago Tribune

This delightful picture book romp follows a young protagonist as he develops his plans for global domination. Isolated in a corner, apparently on a time-out, a young boy starts small, by dreaming of climbing to the top of the highest hill in town and letting everyone know that he has "big plans." His daydreams continue as he conquers the corporate world, wins the big football game, is elected mayor, moves into the White House, lands on the moon, and rearranges the lunar landscape to meet his purposes. His co-conspirators include an accommodating mynah bird and a lucky skunk who morphs into a skunk-skin cap. All this wonderful silliness is captured by Caldecott Honor illustrator Lane Smith, who employs his typical bold graphics and unconventional fonts that spill across pages. Perfect as a read-aloud, this is sure to become an immediate hit. Media specialists should expect the refrain, "Big plans! Big plans, I say!" to become part of the early elementary lexicon. Highly Recommended.
Library Media Connection

…A funny and far-reaching selection…
School Library Journal

…In the same vein as Judith Viorst's classic picture book When I'm Six, I'll Fix Anthony, this book about payback is satisfying, fun, and even a little silly; kids should really enjoy living vicariously through the main character…

…Shea, whose New Socks also features hyperbolic repetition, gives readers a bold and funny motto to proclaim against small setbacks…
Publishers Weekly

…In terms of read-aloud-ability, it will likely prove to be one of the highlights of Aught Eight.…
100 Scope Notes


You know you've got a good kids' book when you can't read it with a baby sleeping in the next room. This book demands to be read ALOUD. Just like the books Lane Smith did with John Scieszka, this book is hilarious, imaginative, and fun for both child and adult.

…It's funny. It's fast-paced. It's sly and self-referential and powerful…
Pink Me

…I seriously cannot get over this book. It is the most fun I have had reading a picture book in the longest time…
The Children's Section

…Big Plans by Bob Shea is just a whole lot of fun and will make a hilarious read aloud…
Literature Lives